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Our Mission:
The Early Learning Institute is dedicated to providing and promoting developmental services, education and support to young children, their families and the their community.

Sixteen years ago, ELI was created to provide and promote developmental services, education and support to young children, their families and the community at large. At the time, we were primarily serving children with special needs and their families. But one of our greatest strengths has been our ability to create programs to meet the changing needs of our community. So now, while Early Intervention remains our largest program, ELI services also include Parent Support, Playgroups, Therapeutic Support Services, Screening & Assessment Services and Behavioral Consultation Services.

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Most people don't realize that services such as ours are available until they, or someone they know, need help. Parents often are the ones who tell other parents, 'Hey, call these guys. They know what to do.' You don't need a prescription or official referral. A simple phone call and we will begin the process of helping. Or go to the website and fill out the referral form. If we can't help you, we can usually get you to someone who can.
Make A Referral