Michele Rogers, Phd.

Executive Director/Cofounder
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Michele Rogers, Ph.D. is the Executive Director and Co-founder of the Early Learning Institute. Ms. Rogers has her PhD in psychology with an emphasis in early childhood mental health/neurobiology. She worked for several years on Sonoma County’s Early Childhood Mental Health task force, focusing primarily on creating a system of care for children 0-5 that includes social-emotional supports. Ms. Rogers is a certified childbirth educator andlactation specialist; has been NCAST certified at the research level and completed a Fellowship in the UMass Boston Infant-Parent Mental Health Post-Graduate Certificate Program (Napa site). She serves on the public policy committee of the Infant Development Association, on the steering committee for the national Home Visiting Applied Research project (HARC) and on First 5 Sonoma’s Professional Community Advisory committee. Ms. Rogers is also an established trainer for the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (Screening tool), and a frequent speaker on Leadership, Staff Development and Executive Management topics. The Early Learning Institute was a key site for California First Five’s Special Needs Project and is currently a Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative site. In celebration of all these efforts, Ms. Rogers was recently honored as the 2014 Sonoma County Champion for Children by the Community Child Care Counsel.

“If not me, who? If not now, when?” – Mikhail Gorbachev

Paula Trejo, B.S.

Office Manager
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Paula Trejo has worked at ELI over the last 5 years in the administrative area of the agency. She recently graduated SSU with a B.S in Business Administration with emphasis in Wine Business Strategies and Financial Management. The support of the ELI team was an important key through her education endeavor. Paula help launch the ARTech Project that requires the use of iPads and apps in which Paula provides training and strategic planning in collecting data. Paula enjoys working in every department of the agency as she provides assistance with development and implementation of new tools and strategies as the agency adapts to the new needs of the community.

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Jamie Lynn Schenone

Early Intervention Operations Manager
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I started working at ELI in 2002, right out of High School. I fell in love with everything ELI did for my community. I now have a wide range of experience interacting with children of all ages. Starting out as a receptionist, I have worked my way up to the Early Intervention Coordinator and have learned so much in these past 13 years working with such educated and amazing coworkers! I work closely with the families, making important assignments and always want to make sure all children and their families get their needs met. Outside of ELI I love to dance and have a close relationship with my family. If I am not at ELI you can find me teaching dance to young children, youth and adults with special needs at Love2Dance or hanging out with my family.

Irene Torres

Watch Me Grow Operations Manager
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Kendra Tavonatti

Administrative Assistant
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I graduated from the Junior College in hospitality. I have been working at Early Learning Institute for about two years. I work as a Administrative Assistant. On my free time, I like to take walks with friends and swim.
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Liz Lushenko

Administrative Assistant
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I have been working at ELI since June of 2015. I am a part of the Administration team of the Group Program. I am also a full time student at the Santa Rosa Junior College majoring in International Relations. I am currently finishing up my last year there before possibly transferring.

Raquel Garcia

The consultation Project Program Coordinator
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After a few years of being an ELI mommy I decided to go back to school to further my education. My son 3 yrs. old at the time was attending his last group sessions at ELI, after being a student since he was 6 months while he was finishing up with his time here I graduated with honors in the Administrative Assistant program at Empire College. I ask if it would be possible to do my internship here. Sure enough being such a generous agency I was given the opportunity to finish up my internship and a few months later I became the Administrative Assistant for the Behavioral Consultation Project. I have also worked in the Watch Me Grow program a little and have helped out a bit in group. Being a part of ELI not only from the parent side, but now within the agency I have learned so much and am very grateful for their support with my son’s needs at the time, and the wonderful work that is given to the children of our community. I am now the Coordinator for The Consultation Project. In my spare time I love to be with my family watching my children grow and making new memories.

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