To everyone at Early Learning Institute who was a part of my daughter, Trinity’s life the past 4 years, Thank you.

A few days ago was Trinity’s last visit . Upon reading the hand outs that were left for me, I had the prior years come to mind. Looking back I can only now appreciate all that was given to my daughter & I by those of you at Early Learning. The support, the education the whole program is so beneficial and effective and I feel very fortunate that my family was cared for by all of you.

Thank you for everything during the beginning when it was hard. You all touch lives in un-measurable ways, Thank you.

The Stammer Family
I really wish that I would have known about this program earlier in Royce’s time with ELI. I really appreciate Espi energy and patience when working with my son. My son has right sided Spastic Hemiplegia and doesn’t use his right hand very well. With the use of buttons and easy use handle, Espi encourages Royce to use his right hand. I have found that Royce is using it more and he is more aware of his hand. Overall, I have been very happy with ELI services. All the service providers are friendly and seem to truly enjoy their jobs working with kids (and my son)
Jessica A., Tech n' Tots Testimonials
I just wanted to let you know a lot of the parents had wonderful feedback about your sensory workshop! They were excited to get handouts on ideas to help them and know their child is not the only one who may have problems in the same areas. The teachers and I have tried some ideas already. We took down some decorations in the room you recommended and what a response… ‘Jonny’ walked through the room and glanced over at the walls and says, “Miss Brenda how beautiful your room looks!” Another boy says, “Miss Brenda, what did you do in this room, it looks good!” The two boys who made comments I believe are [sensory] seekers. My individual group time has been smoother, calmer and fun! Thanks Pat!! Our small circles and “less” is best, for our sensitive children. I really appreciate all your help
Brenda K. Small Miracles Preschool, Cotati , BCP Provider Testimonials
Since my son began to participate in the program, he plays more, even if not with other children. He has started to talk and has more self-confidence.
Maria B , Early Intervention Testimonials
PEAS was an affirmative and positive experience for me
Anonymous , Parent Support Testimonials
PEAS meets a specific need that not many other programs or services address
Anonymous , Parent Support Testimonials
We would like to thank you all, for providing Noah with a fantastic time. He is so obviously enjoying himself and is full of chat and stories from his adventures each day. The changes we have seen in his vocabulary and his confidence over the past few months have been massive and we credit a lot of these developments to your gentle and nurturing care. On behalf of myself, my husband and Noah, thank you so much for encouraging and supporting Noah in the first year of his school life. He has obviously been very happy in your class and has been eager to come each Tuesday and Thursday. Your love, care and kindness has made an enormous impact on Noah’s development!
The Tewelde Family , Group Services and Preschool Program Testimonials
Working with the BCP project helped us with language barriers and cultural issues. It became clear to us what the family expectations were and we were better able to communicate what we needed from their child in order for everyone to be safe in the group. Working together we created a positive environment for the child and he became a great friend to our preschool!! Thank You.
Rebekah Rickman, Castle Preschool, Sebastopol, BCP Provider Testimonials
Having had the support of the agency and especially that of Teacher Maria who we were very fond of, was a great help not only to Monica but to the rest of my family. Maria did many things to help us besides the classes, and we are very fortunate to have shared with her. For all the help you gave us years ago we are immensely thankful and very happy to know that just as you helped us, you continue to help others.
Bertha , Early Intervention Testimonials
Having age appropriate ideas to help child in question and others as well. I had a great experience with the BCP project.
Kristy B, Boyland Family Home Childcare, BCP Provider Testimonials
I know our lives would have been vastly different had we not been access to ELI and all of its great services. The home visitor (Jayne) is gentle and kind and I feel she cares greatly for my little girl, as do all of the teachers and therapist at the Sensory Integration class. I so appreciate the opportunity to connect with other parents and the parent support group meetings have been extremely helpful as well. Thank you ELI, you are invaluable.
Claire F, Early Intervention Testimonials
Howard [consultant] helped me communicate to the child’s parents about sensory integration and how this effects his behavior, social play and cognitive growth in preschool and his future in education. I wish I could keep Howard available at all hours of the day. He has been very helpful with his knowledge, resources, and positive ideas to help me implement into our program.
Brenda K, Small Miracles Preschool Cotati , BCP Provider Testimonials
The Parent Support and Education Service was significant to me; I was made to feel very special. Esperanza’s treatment was genuine. It helped me understand that it is not only I that goes through situations like these. I felt better and found solutions.
Anonymous , Parent Support Testimonials
The consultant, Olga, supplied the tools we needed to be successful. For example, the flannel board and other options she suggested that would be useful as it was determined he was a ‘visual learner.’ Our school is happy and most importantly the family is happy.
Ofelia L, 4Cs Windsor State Preschool, BCP Provider Testimonials
Having an opportunity to be a parent for the first time is the best blessing that life can give us. To hear that your child has a delay for his age can be one of the hardest things that a parent goes through and is hard to understand why. On top of that, we encountered professionals who seemed to lack the skills to support us in our understanding of how to help our child. This made it even more difficult.One day while looking for help for my son Dylan, we came across ELI which was like a miracle for us. The first time we attended we were fearful and kept quiet because of our past experiences. I want all of you to know that it was a great surprise for all to finally find a place where the support, respect and protection toward Dylan was the main goal without putting aside the whole family’s needs. I can only say thanks to ELI for their professionalism, their humility and the affection that we received from all the staff. In our family we call them angels because they came to help us to find ways to advance our son.There is no doubt that in the Chino Ramirez family, ELI has a very special lace. With a grateful heart, we will do all we can to help the agency. Thanks a lot or our Angels at ELI.
The Chino Ramirez Family , Group Services and Preschool Program Testimonials
The amount of support and constructive ideas. The encouragement of the consultants that come into the program. They have all been respectful, polite, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We are so thankful that we have a fantastic team (BCP) behind us. We greatly appreciate all their time, energy and support. It’s very comforting to know that we can ALWAYS call Kathy Kelley and she or one of her colleagues will be here to help us out. Thank you very much!
Shirley C. Training Wheels Preschool, Cotati, BCP Provider Testimonials
A wonderful service for parents. A much needed program for parents struggling with their child’s diagnosis.
Anonymous , Parent Support Services Testimonials
Mary Lou is a joy to work with. She is very invested in giving the families the support and resources.
Jennifer Warren, Santa Rosa Junior College Children's Center , BCP Provider Testimonials
The 2’s school has been a wonderful opportunity for our triplets. It has provided the opportunity for my kids to separate from me and prepare for a preschool environment. The staff is warm and welcoming and made each of them feel safe, easing the transition. The group also enhances their social skills by encouraging them to play with other children. It teaches them to sit in a circle and practice their listening skills, and also promotes self help skills. My kids love their school, they look forward to it every week, and will really miss it after they turn 3.
Angelica S , Group Services Testimonials
I am very grateful for the services that ELI provides for my son Martin. I am specially grateful for Yesica and for the great services that she has provided to my son. Thanks for giving him all the tools he needs to grow in his development.
Maria M. , Early Intervention Testimonials
Elliott always looked forward to Thursday when Jeana would come with a variety of toys, an enthusiastic attitude and a wonderful positive and happy disposition. She brought out the best in Elliott through play and him to try new things as well as use more sounds. Jeana’s visits were not only positive for Elliott by also a learning opportunity for me. Although I have 2 older boys, Elliott is the first who has needed that little support in meeting milestones, Jeana was able to guide me in certain aspects of play that were best for Elliott’s learning and also focus on simple ways to communicate with him. Elliott is now in speech therapy and we will be forever grateful to Jeana’s presence in our lives shaping Elliott’s attitude so he can continue to learn from his therapists.
Jennifer and Elliott S, Early Intervention Testimonials
BCP Project helped set up a meeting with parents, teacher and consultant. The meeting gave us time to strategize and make a plan for the child that can be used at home and school. Child was excited to see props and tools used to help her in both places. Child has been much more able to handle her emotions and tantrums are much less often since teachers and parents made a plan TOGETHER on how to best help her. Consultant also guided parents through the process of getting a speech evaluation.
Karen Guerin, Mt. Taylor Too, Rohnert Park, BCP Provider Testimonials
The 2’s school has been a wonderful opportunity for our triplets. It has provided the opportunity for my kids to separate from me and prepare for a preschool environment. The staff is warm and welcoming and made each of them feel safe, easing this transition. The group also enhances their social skills by encouraging them to play w other children. It teaches them to sit in a circle and practice their listening skills, and also promotes self help skills. My kids love their school, they look forward to it every week, and will really miss it after they turn 3.
Angelica S, Group Services and Preschool Program Testimonials


Having the knowledge that there was the kind of support that my staff and I needed in order to work with this family was an enormous step forward and eased the stress and frustration which we felt each day with this little girl. The BCP staff sent me all the paperwork needed right away, and very soon we were assigned a consultant, Heather Taylor, who quickly contacted me to set up an observation of the child, followed by a meeting with me. She proved to be invaluable as a source of support, partnering herself with the child’s mother, myself, my staff, and the child in our care. As far as I’m concerned, what was (and is) the most helpful in working with the BCP is that it gives so much help support, resourceful information, time, respect, and, most importantly hope to the parents and caregivers who otherwise would be much less likely to find the professional help needed to change the life of a young child, at no cost!
Tracy Williams, 4Cs Healdsburg Child Development Center, BCP Provider Testimonials
Entender mejor el comportamiento de los ninos y los estrategias que me ensenaron
Family child care provider, BCP Provider Testimonials
My son Edwin, has progressed a lot thanks to ELI. ELI sent Evelia to my home when my son was 9months old and thanks to that my son does more things now. Now I have Aura for speech therapy and thanks to her my son talks more. thanks a lot to ELL
Margarita C, Early Intervention Testimonials
Before we started coming to Eli we had trouble finding a play group where our son could play without having to explain his special needs. Eli made us feel welcome and made sure our sons were included in every activity. Watching our boys play in a supportive environment is the highlight of my week. Our lives changed so much when our son was injured, we felt lost and didn’t know if we would ever find our way. Today we feel confident that we can manage this journey as a family, it is thanks to the caring staff and parent support at Eli that we feel that way. Thank you Eli for being an island of serenity for families like ours.
Maggie P, Group Services and Preschool Program Testimonials
My son was born in 2013 by a healthy pregnancy. He is our joy and happiness, but the beginning of his life was not an event of fond memories, but a scary and sad turn of fate. At only four days he was diagnosed with a massive perinatal stroke which had resulted in right sided weakness, also known as Cerebral Palsy. As a new parent, and new a new parent of a special needs child, we were trying to reach out for support; trying to figure out what resources we could find that would help us process all this new information. My son received occupational therapy with ELI and I was referred to the PEAS program for parental support. I found the six one hour meetings to be helpful in processing the feelings I had towards the diagnosis for my son and what the future held for him and our family. There may not be other families with the exact same experience as ours, but the commonality of the same concerns was a relief. Having an hour to either vent, process feelings out loud and or listen to common solutions to not so common problems was valuable. I personally heal when I talk about my feelings and I felt it helped me to put things in perspective. Thank you PEAS program and Howard Termo for helping me through a tough time. I hope one day I can give back to the community to help others who are new to the world of a special needs child.
Amber L , Parent Support Services Testimonials
The ELI [Wee Play Community] Preschool has been a wonderful experience for our daughter Anna. She has learned to follow instructions, and participate in the classroom routine. The purposeful table work activities and the opportunity to attend gymnastics with her classmates have contributed to the tremendous strides made in her motor development. More than anything, Anna has found a place of acceptance. The teaching staff has fostered an environment of gentleness and warmth and thoughtfulness. Previously an observer of children interacting, she is now delighted to be included. These great kids play and learn together despite language differences and developmental ability. This full inclusion preschool has provided our daughter classroom and social expectations, at her individual pace and with the patience needed for het to feel secure and thrive. Anna looks forward to school each day, recently communicating her excitement by happily signing “friends” as we pulled into the ELI parking lot. We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity of this wonderful preschool available for our daughter.
The Bleck Family , Group Services and Preschool Program Testimonials