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Deciding to Have Another Child Feels Much More Complicated

Deciding to Have Another Child Feels Much More Complicated A PEAS Specialized Parent Support Perspective by Howard Termo, EIS In Parent Support Groups and on PEAS home visits, parents share that having a child in developmental services has affected their lives in many ways, including how they approach building their family.  They’d considered having 2, maybe 3 children, but now they are not so sure.  Though many parents are quick to clarify that they cannot see life without their cherished child, they also admit they are managing much more than they ever would have expected.  Naturally as families resume [...]

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The Awesomeness of Boys

Spotlight on Development By Kathleen Kelley, MA   Stuck for a topic, I ask the crew of Lincoln Log builders in my living room for article ideas. “You can write about how awesome I am.” Replies Alden.   Alden is great – smart, creative, funny, but maybe a narrow focus for a Mothers Club article. The three boys return to their work.   They discuss design, strategy and story lines as a village emerges for their action figures. As I admire their complicated play, an article theme emerges, boys are awesome. I returned to the living room to interview the boys: Patrick, [...]

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Generosity and Gratefulness

Picture: ELI's first Board President Sue Powell I admit it, some days I have to be reminded to be actively grateful for the gift of generous people in my life. It isn’t that I’m ungrateful, exactly…it’s just that I get sort of full of myself and forget to be mindful of my gratitude. Take today, for example. I had a stack of thank you letters and donation receipts to sign, and then the envelopes to fill out and the postage, and so on…and about a million other things to attend to. So I grumped to myself. But then I started [...]

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