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Wee Explore Summer Schedule

This summer, from June 12th through August 7th, “wee” will be exploring the Museum…and beyond! Due to the Museum’s summer camp schedule we will be at the museum every OTHER week. On non-museum days we will be exploring a community play area or meeting at our classroom site at Early Learning Institute in Rohnert Park. Our schedule will be as follows: • JUNE 5th MUSEUM* • JUNE 12th the play area in Coddingtown Mall near Whole Foods Market • JUNE 19th MUSEUM* • JUNE 26TH Early Learning Institute, 311 Professional Center Drive, Suite 100 in Rohnert Park • JULY 3rd [...]

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Deciding to Have Another Child Feels Much More Complicated

Deciding to Have Another Child Feels Much More Complicated A PEAS Specialized Parent Support Perspective by Howard Termo, EIS In Parent Support Groups and on PEAS home visits, parents share that having a child in developmental services has affected their lives in many ways, including how they approach building their family.  They’d considered having 2, maybe 3 children, but now they are not so sure.  Though many parents are quick to clarify that they cannot see life without their cherished child, they also admit they are managing much more than they ever would have expected.  Naturally as families resume [...]

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The Awesomeness of Boys

Spotlight on Development By Kathleen Kelley, MA   Stuck for a topic, I ask the crew of Lincoln Log builders in my living room for article ideas. “You can write about how awesome I am.” Replies Alden.   Alden is great – smart, creative, funny, but maybe a narrow focus for a Mothers Club article. The three boys return to their work.   They discuss design, strategy and story lines as a village emerges for their action figures. As I admire their complicated play, an article theme emerges, boys are awesome. I returned to the living room to interview the boys: Patrick, [...]

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Sharing, Bearing, and Building Resilience. A PEAS Specialized Parent Support Perspective

By: Howard Termo, EIS Parents of children with developmental needs tell of experiences that are sometimes hard to bear. Some of their stories seem shocking; others are poignant or sad, while others are uplifting and instructive. Though parents express varying reactions to their experiences, many report they feel at least a little better after sharing them out loud. If you can share it, you can bear it, says Dr. Dan Siegel, author of Parenting From The Inside Out. PEAS believes this to be true. Here are two stories that in the telling opened doors to building resilience. In a parent [...]

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The Mightiness of Girls

     Blue snow cone juice melting down her chin, she stepped up to lead the group. “Let’s talk,” said 7 year old Tatum. She and her younger sister, Kenna, were camped on lounge chairs at the pool with my two boys. The crew had been swimming for a couple hours and were ready for a few minutes of quiet snow cone slurping. After this lull, Tatum initiated a conversation. My boys looked perplexed. Maybe it was the chlorine and sunshine, but the concept of talking for the sake of talking was foreign. Patrick and James are rarely ever quiet in [...]

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Early Learning Institute 17th Anniversary

As we begin 2016, I can't help but think, "is it really possible that ELI is 17?!" We are practically a grow-up Agency! So much has changed but our core mission of serving young children, their families and our community remains solidly the same. 2016 appears that it will be a relatively quiet and calm year. Our contract programs are not up for renewal in 2016, allowing us the breathing room to focus on quality improvement and innovations. How can we do what we already do well, even better? How can we show (with data, stories, pictures and posts) what [...]

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An Unexpected Turn And a New Plan – A PEAS Specialized Parent Support Perspective

By Howard Termo PEAS Parent Support Most parents don’t anticipate needing developmental help for their child and so are not prepared for its impact on their lives emotionally and logistically. Fortunately it is not too long before services are in place, schedules are worked out, and families settle into a rhythm. It helps that a direction for their child’s progress is mapped out in such plans as their Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individual Education Plan (IEP). But what about a parent’s plans? As parents begin adjusting to their unexpected turn of events, they may begin to feel they [...]

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Finding The “Right” Time For Parent Support

A PEAS Specialized Parent Support Perspective by Howard Termo, EIS, Parent Support Specialist On PEAS visits and in parent support groups, families with young children in developmental services continue to share their experiences of daily life. Some families must go it alone if support from extended family or others is not available. For families fortunate enough to have help close by such as for babysitting, they use their support judiciously so as not to “wear it out”. When emotional support or advice is offered from different quarters, it is often appreciated but not always a fit. A number of parents [...]

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Was There More We Could Have Done? …. and Other Questions That Linger

Was There More We Could Have Done? …. and Other Questions That Linger By: Howard Termo, PEAS Parent Support It takes courage for parents to act on their worries about their young child’s development.  Seeking an assessment might disappoint family members or appear to disregard a doctor’s opinion.  In the face of reassurances from friends and family, parents sometimes doubt what their instincts are telling them.  But expressions of compassion such as, “He’s just a boy” or “My child didn’t talk until she was 4” eventually become small consolations to a worried parent. When parents forge ahead with assessment they [...]

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Tackling the Terrible Two’s Part II

Tackling the Terrible Two’s: Strategies to nurture and guide Spotlight on Development By Kathleen Kelley, MA Persistence, determination, doggedness, strength of purpose, and resoluteness: what a great list of character traits.  In order to succeed in school, sport, or any endeavor, you need to stick with it. If we could bottle the determination of a two year old and dole it out throughout our lives, we could accomplish anything. They are adventurous and dogged as they move through their worlds, which is where the problems arise with their families and caregivers. The redirection techniques that worked so well when they [...]

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