The Awesomeness of Boys

Spotlight on Development By Kathleen Kelley, MA   Stuck for a topic, I ask the crew of Lincoln Log builders in my living room for article ideas. “You can write about how awesome I am.” Replies Alden.   Alden is great – smart, creative, funny, but maybe a narrow focus for a Mothers Club article. The three boys return to their work.   They discuss design, strategy and story lines as a village emerges for their action figures. As I admire their complicated play, an article theme emerges, boys are awesome. I returned to the living room to interview the boys: Patrick, [...]

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The Mightiness of Girls

     Blue snow cone juice melting down her chin, she stepped up to lead the group. “Let’s talk,” said 7 year old Tatum. She and her younger sister, Kenna, were camped on lounge chairs at the pool with my two boys. The crew had been swimming for a couple hours and were ready for a few minutes of quiet snow cone slurping. After this lull, Tatum initiated a conversation. My boys looked perplexed. Maybe it was the chlorine and sunshine, but the concept of talking for the sake of talking was foreign. Patrick and James are rarely ever quiet in [...]

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Choosing Preschool: Finding the right fit for your child and your budget.

Spotlight on Development By Kathleen Kelley, MA I sometimes miss living in San Francisco, but then my urban sister will call me with an update on parenting in the City. “Can you help me with Henry’s admission’s essay?” Henry was 2 years old and his parents were trying to get him into preschool. She sent me her draft and we worked on it together. I was tempted to comment very frankly about Henry’s social skills – “Henry is very outgoing, greets everyone as if they were an old friend and if he really likes you, he may get so excited [...]

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