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Tackling the Terrible Two’s Part II

Tackling the Terrible Two’s: Strategies to nurture and guide Spotlight on Development By Kathleen Kelley, MA Persistence, determination, doggedness, strength of purpose, and resoluteness: what a great list of character traits.  In order to succeed in school, sport, or any endeavor, you need to stick with it. If we could bottle the determination of a two year old and dole it out throughout our lives, we could accomplish anything. They are adventurous and dogged as they move through their worlds, which is where the problems arise with their families and caregivers. The redirection techniques that worked so well when they [...]

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From Withdrawn to Wild

How your child's sensory system influences their behavior-Part One  By Kathleen Kelley, MA and April Davis, MS OTR/L While the sting rays glided beneath us, my son started to whine. Their effortless path through the water was bewitching to his older brother, but not enough to calm 5 year old James. We had been at the California Academy of Sciences for about an hour and he was starting his warning signals. The whine became a tug, then a demand. Our family fun day was in trouble. During previous variations on this behavioral theme, I had often felt frustrated and irritated. [...]

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When Should He Be Talking?

How developmental screening can support your child’s learning. By:Kathleen Kelley, MA Did you know there are free speech and language services for toddlers and preschoolers who qualify in Sonoma County? Did you know there are physical therapists who work with babies, occupational therapists who work with toddlers, parent educators who can come to your home if your little darling is more intense than what is covered in your parenting instruction book – Oh, yeah, we don’t receive an instruction book with our children. Parenting is the most important job on the planet and while there is a library full of [...]

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