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The Consultation Project

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The Consultation Project Background

The Consultation Project has proudly partnered with Sonoma County’s childcare and preschool community since 2001. Through the generous funding of First 5 Sonoma County, the Consultation Project provides FREE and confidential consultation to childcare providers and preschool teachers serving children birth through age 5 who have not yet begun Kindergarten. Our team of consultants include: mental health clinicians, early childhood education specialists, early interventionists, occupational therapists and parent educators. We work collaboratively with childcare providers, preschool teachers and families to address behavioral, developmental, mental health, or family issues. We help facilitate positive relationships with parents and develop collaborative goals and action plans to address the needs of the child, family and program. While we often focus on the needs of a specific child, consultation builds the capacity of teachers and providers to work with all children. Early Learning Institute (ELI) partners with JFCS Parents Place.

How We Can Work Together

You are the expert on your program, curriculum, and the children in your care. The consultants bring their experience and credentials to the process and providers and families bring their expertise. Here’s a brief summary of the collaborative process:


Online: Please fill out a Referral Form and someone from ELI will contact you. The (Permiso del Padre) or Parent Release English form must also be printed out and signed. This form must then be received by fax, email, or postal system at the ELI office for the case to be opened.

By phone: Please call ELI at 591-0170 we will take down your information and send you a referral packet: a Family Information (Información de la Familia) flyer for the parent to keep. We can send paperwork via fax, email attachment, or postal mail. When we receive the paperwork back the case is assigned to a consultant. The paperwork can be returned via email, fax, or postal system. Cases are assigned within two business days of receiving the paperwork from you.

Your consultant will contact you to schedule the intake activities. The intake includes: Consultant observation of the child and program, teacher/ provider intake, parent intake, and a developmental screening using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. The consultants do their best to be flexible in scheduling to meet the needs of the program and family.
When enough information is gathered, the consultant will set goals in collaboration with parent and provider to address the child’s needs. Each party (consultant, provider and parent) will have Actions to carry out to meet those Goals. The Actions all parties agreed to are the basis for the Intervention.
Your consultant will continue to work with your program and the family to implement strategies. Interventions may include developing curriculum with the teachers, coaching teachers in effective teacher-child interactions, arranging an occupational therapy consult, holding a staff in-service, helping the family access resources, and many more. Teacher Child Interaction Therapy and the Center for the Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning Pyramid Model are two key sources of classroom interventions. In addition, the BCP can connect families to Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) for one-on-one parenting support.
The Project provides consultation, not comprehensive services. When a child or family has intensive needs, we will help connect them with additional resources in the community such as speech and language services, parenting classes, counseling, etc. When a childcare or preschool program has significant needs, we will help with connection to additional resources such as Mini-grants, Mentor programs, SRJC classes, professional organizations and more.

The Consultation Project offers in service, parenting, and community workshops as well.

Contact Us


If you have questions about the project or you want to open a case, please contact the Early Learning Institute. Phone: (707) 591-0170 You can also send email: kathleenk@earlylearninginstitute.com To open a case, click the Referral Form on this page.
Contact Us
“Having the knowledge that there was the kind of support that my staff and I needed in order to work with this family was an enormous step forward and eased the stress and frustration which we felt each day with this little girl. The BCP staff sent me all the paperwork needed right away, and very soon we were assigned a consultant, Heather Taylor, who quickly contacted me to set up an observation of the child, followed by a meeting with me. She proved to be invaluable as a source of support, partnering herself with the child’s mother, myself, my staff, and the child in our care. As far as I’m concerned, what was (and is) the most helpful in working with the BCP is that it gives so much help support, resourceful information, time, respect, and, most importantly hope to the parents and caregivers who otherwise would be much less likely to find the professional help needed to change the life of a young child, at no cost!”
Tracy Williams, 4Cs Healdsburg Child Development Center
“The HUGE improvement in his behavior at preschool. Thank you so much!”
Parent Testimonial
“BCP Project helped set up a meeting with parents, teacher and consultant. The meeting gave us time to strategize and make a plan for the child that can be used at home and school. Child was excited to see props and tools used to help her in both places. Child has been much more able to handle her emotions and tantrums are much less often since teachers and parents made a plan TOGETHER on how to best help her. Consultant also guided parents through the process of getting a speech evaluation.”
Karen Guerin, Mt. Taylor Too, Rohnert Park
“Entender mejor el comportamiento de los ninos y los estrategias que me ensenaron.”
Family Child Care Provider
“Having age appropriate ideas to help child in question and others as well. I had a great experience with the BCP project.”
Kristi Boylan, Boylan Family Home Childcare
“The amount of support and constructive ideas. The encouragement of the consultants that come into the program. They have all been respectful, polite, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We are so thankful that we have a fantastic team (BCP) behind us. We greatly appreciate all their time, energy and support. It’s very comforting to know that we can ALWAYS call Kathy Kelley and she or one of her colleagues will be here to help us out. Thank you very much!”
Shirley Clifford, Training Wheels Preschool, Cotati
“Aprendi como ayudarle a mi hija en su desarrollo notriz, emosional, y educacional. Gracias!”
Parent Testimonial
“Working with the BCP project helped us with language barriers and cultural issues. It became clear to us what the family expectations were and we were better able to communicate what we needed from their child in order for everyone to be safe in the group. Working together we created a positive environment for the child and he became a great friend to our preschool!! Thank You.”
Rebekah Rickman, Castle Preschool, Sebastopol
“I learned how to talk so my son would listen, in turn, he would talk and I listened. Great Job!”
Parent Testimonial
“For us, learning that our son was more difficult than most BUT having tools and support to help us make informed decisions. We especially enjoyed Triple P and gained more from that than anything. Our consultant was kind, respectful and caring!”
Parent Testimonial
“Our consultant was an awesome resource and always responded back quickly. I felt she truly cared about my son and my family! This service was priceless and we can’t thank you enough!”
Parent Testimonial
“Que mi hija mejora en su comportamiento con sus companeros de clase. Yo pienso que todo es bueno.”
Parent Testimonial
“Aprendi como ayudarle a mi hija en su desarrollo notriz, emosional, y educacional. Gracias!”
Parent Testimonial
Howard [consultant] helped me communicate to the child’s parents about sensory integration and how this affects his behavior, social play and cognitive growth in preschool and his future in education. I wish I could keep Howard available at all hours of the day. He has been very helpful with his knowledge, resources, and positive ideas to help me implement into our program””
Brenda Kondrasky, Small Miracles Preschool, Cotati
“The consultant was very accommodating and came to our home to give us a private space to discuss our children. Her expert understanding of the children and their needs has created a foundation for them to flourish with teachers and has provided us a clear picture of how the children’s needs will be met at school.”
Parent Testimonial
“Mary Lou [consultant] is a joy to work with. She is very invested in giving the families the support and resources.”
Jennifer Warren, Santa Rosa Junior College Children’s Center
“Pinpointing exactly what behavior problem there is and applying a method that works along with secure and loving discipline!! Love it!”
Parent Testimonial
“The consultant was very helpful, reassuring and knowledgeable. She has a gift that you can’t buy. It is wonderful how she reads children and offers great insight. It would be great to have this help all the way until graduation from high school.”
Parent Testimonial
“Entender mejor el comportamiento de mi hija y sobre todo las causa del por que tomuba esa actitud y las estrategia que me ensenaron para tener mejor comportamiento. Un agradecimiento a Olga por su apoyo tan valioso que me dio en este proyecto no solamente para entender el comportamiento de mi hija sino tambien para crecer como persona, proveedora, mama, y mujer.”
Parent Testimonial
“The consultant, Olga, supplied the tools we needed to be successful. For example, the flannel board and other options she suggested that would be useful as it was determined he was a ‘visual learner.’ Our school is happy and most importantly the family is happy.”
Ofelia Lopez, 4Cs Windsor State Preschool
“The HUGE improvement in his behavior at preschool. Thank you so much!”
Parent Testimonial
“I appreciated the support and perspective of looking at my child as an individual. He is a wonderful child who was not reaching his full potential and now is.”
Parent Testimonial
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