Every child grows and learns in his/her own unique ways. They can accelerate in some areas and lag behind their peers in others or simply be on their own developmental schedule. It can be difficult to know when to seek help – or how to find the right kind of help. And, if the child you are concerned about isn’t your own child, it can be very difficult to know how to start a conversation with his/her parents.

We can help!

ELI has a Navigator to help you figure out what you should do first or where you need to go next. She works closely with all the systems of care for young children 0-5 and will either take a direct referral for an ELI program or connect you to a particular person at another Agency, should you need services elsewhere. She can also coach you with ways to talk to parents about your concerns and make helpful suggestions for gaining their cooperation in the next steps. Simply fill out the ELI General Referral Form to access ELI’s navigation support or call – 707-591-0170.


Not sure if you need help?

We can come and just check things out. It is not unusual for us to hear, “I think my child is a little behind his friends of the same age, but I don’t want to be an over-anxious mother (grandmother, father, aunt, etc).” No problem. That is what we are here for. ELI’s Watch Me Grow program offers free, home-based screenings for children 0-5 (not yet in Kindergarten) to see if there is an area of delay and if there is, to figure out what should happen next. Simply fill out the WMG Referral Form and someone will call to set up an appointment. Depending on the results of the screening, options for services will be discussed and help provided to access those services.

What if my child seems fine at home but experiences difficulty at preschool?

We can still help. The Behavioral Consultation Project provides support for children in childcare and preschool who may be struggling developmentally or with behavioral or social-emotional issues. We work collaboratively with childcare providers, preschool teachers and families to address behavioral, temperamental, developmental or mental health issues. Please fill out a Referral Form and someone from ELI will contact you.

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Maybe I should wait and see if my child catches up…

Please don’t. Research tells us that the earlier we intervene to support developmental delays, the better the outcomes for most children. Services are free, easy (they come to you!) and play-based. We know it can be scary to make that referral but sooner really is better. Schedule a screening now and find out what your options are.
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