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Parent Support

Deciding to Have Another Child Feels Much More Complicated

The Awesomeness of Boys

Sharing, Bearing, and Building Resilience. A PEAS Specialized Parent Support Perspective

The Mightiness of Girls

Early Learning Institute 17th Anniversary

An Unexpected Turn And a New Plan – A PEAS Specialized Parent Support Perspective

Finding The “Right” Time For Parent Support

Was There More We Could Have Done? …. and Other Questions That Linger

Was There More We Could Have Done? …. and Other Questions That Linger
By: Howard Termo, PEAS Parent Support

It takes courage for parents to act on their worries about their young child’s development.  Seeking an assessment might disappoint family members or appear to disregard a doctor’s opinion.  In the face of reassurances from friends and family, parents sometimes doubt what their instincts are telling them.  But expressions of compassion such as, “He’s just a boy” or “My child didn’t talk until she was 4” eventually become small consolations to a worried parent.

When parents forge ahead with assessment they do so knowing […]

Tackling the Terrible Two’s Part II

Spotlight on Development

By Kathleen Kelley, MA

Persistence, determination, doggedness, strength of purpose, and resoluteness: what a great list of character traits.  In order to succeed in school, sport, or any endeavor, you need to stick with it. If we could bottle the determination of a two year old and dole it out throughout our lives, we could accomplish anything. They are adventurous and dogged as they move through their worlds, which is where the problems arise with their families and caregivers.

The redirection techniques that worked so well when they were toddlers are still effective at times, but you need to up […]

Terrible Two’s

Spotlight on Development

By Kathleen Kelley, MA

Terrible Two’s

   Gracie smiled and chatted with her teacher, Anna. She looked cozy sitting in her caregiver’s lap. Anna smiled down at her and responded to her semi intelligible words. The happy twosome was left in peace for a couple minutes in the midst of a busy 2 year old classroom. Suddenly, Fred approached, blanket in one hand, book in the other, he wanted the teacher to read him a story. Gracie’s smile disappeared, her body tensed. The teacher attempted to make room in her lap for Fred, intending to read the story to both […]

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